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Business Grants South West

South West Business Funding (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset)

iStock_000000475411XSmall - CopyIf you’re a business in the South West, and are looking to undertake a digital business project (such as website improvement, or internet sales and marketing), you may be eligible for funding from one of the following bodies.

We’ve listed the information about these sources of funding below, and our experience in working on projects funded by them. If you know of any other sources of funding that we can add to this list then please let us know.


UKTI South West
UKTI South West will help fund projects aimed at increasing export sales, such as the internationalisation of websites and ecommerce platforms. UKTI offer an export communications review, which will give you insight into how to increase international leads and sales.

  • Size of Grants Available: UKTI run many different programmes, funding is usually on a 50% match funding basis.
  • Contact: For more information contact the South West UKTI on : 0845 60 60 969, or 
  • Our Experience: We have run two UKTI international improvement projects, both of which have resulted in a significant increase in international business for our customer. 


Superfast Cornwall Fund: Cornwall Development Company
Superfast Cornwall has a total of £1m available from the Regional Growth Fund, to grow business through superfast broadband. The funding is managed by Cornwall Development Company, on behalf of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership. More information about the fund can be fund here.

  • Size of Grants Available: The fund makes grants of £1,000 to £50,000, based on 50% of the cost of investment.
  • Eligibility: Information on eligibility criteria and application can be found here.
  • Contact: For more information please contact Steve Bough on 01209 616098 or at
  • Our Experience: We are currently managing a Superfast Cornwall project for one of our customers.


Superfast Cornwall : Peninsula Enterprise
Superfast Cornwall is an ERDF Convergence funded programme which will run till March 2015. The fund is worth £3m. Funding is on a 60:40 basis, with 60% grant funding. Current projections are that there will be 30-35 projects, with an average funding of £70,000.


Superfast Business: Peninsula Enterprise
Superfast Business covers Devon and Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire.

  • Size of Grants Available: Up to 12 hours funded business support package.
  • Eligibility: Information on eligibility can be found here.
  • Contact: For more information call 0845 603 8593, or e.mail .


Manufacturing Advisory Service
MAS may support e-commerce projects only where they are part of a wider strategic project within a company.

  • Size of Grants Available: MAS provide up to 50% funding for consultancy improvement projects, from £300 to £3000. More information on MAS funding can be found here.
  • Contact: For more information call 0845 658 9600, or e.mail .
  • Our Experience: We are registered MAS Consultants.


More Information
Francis Clark accountants also provide comprehensive information on funding possibilities in the South West and Cornwall.

What To Do Next
If you are considering applying for funding for a digital project then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.


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