About Us

We have backgrounds in manufacturing and business development. We are interested in using digital technologies, such as internet advertising, to help companies generate business by means of the internet.

We are Google Adwords Certified Partners.

We focus on working in specialist industries such as manufacturing and technology. We are interested in helping companies use digital marketing technologies to understand their sectors, take advantage of gaps in the on-line market place, and develop new products.

Our Philosophy
Certain industries are marketing based, such as estate agents and recruitment agencies. Other industries, while not marketing based, are traditionally very good at marketing themselves and adapting to new technologies (such as tourism). We like to work in sectors that, in our experience, while very good at what they do – are often slower to react to new technology and marketing opportunities. Working with companies in these industries, such as in manufacturing and engineering, can often have dramatic results in terms of growth and development.

Lean Thinking
All businesses use processes to get things done. Some businesses, such as engineering and manufacturing, reply on complicated production processes. Analysing processes and understanding which parts add value to a business, is the province of Lean philosophy. Lean thinking and business improvement have traditionally focused on production processes, as these are quantifiable, while sales and marketing have been treated as more akin to dark arts. However, developments in digital marketing now allow sales and marketing processes to be standardised and measured. The result of this is that companies can now adopt a more integrated and holistic approach to their improvement processes.