Examples of Good Adwords Engagement Results

What follows are some good examples of engagement metrics that we have achieved for our customers. ‘Engagement’ is a measure of how relevant the products or services being advertised are to the target audience; they measure how interested that audience are in what’s being offered.

After the auction insight report, and Adwords account metrics, engagement metrics are next in order of priority when judging the quality of an Adwords account. In the majority of cases greater engagement from the audience means a more successful campaign. However, there are cases in which potential customers only need to go to one page of a site and complete an action – in these cases the campaign will have low engagement metrics but can still be successful.

While the success of an advertising campaign cannot be judged on the basis of engagement metrics alone, they are a good indicator of the campaign being well targeted and focused. To make an overall judgement one has also has to also look at account metrics, conversions, and how online advertising fits into the business plan and objectives.

Adwords Engagement Results

adwords engagement metrics

Industry: Manufacturing

good engagement metrics
Industry: Services

How To Understand The Results?

Each line in the report represents a different campaign in our customer’s Adwords account. The results are that the majority of people coming through the advertising campaigns are staying on the website; and of those that do stay some are highly engaged (meaning that they go to lots of pages on the site, and stay for significant amounts of time).

We can conclude from this that the campaigns are well targeted at their audiences, who are finding the products or services, and other information on the websites, highly relevant to what they are searching for.

A Brief Explanation Of Each Metric

Engagement metrics are imported into your account from an associated Google Analytics account. If you can’t enable engagement metrics in the reporting columns of your Adwords account then account you need to make sure that your Adwords and Analytics accounts are linked, and sharing data between them.
Google define these metrics as follows:

Bounce Rate: “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page”. A high percentage bounce rate is usually interpreted as a negative , however in cases where customers only need to visit one page of a site it need not be.

Google doesn’t offer quick and easy definitions for the following metrics, but simple definitions are:

Pages Per Session: How many pages, on average, visitors went to on your site after clicking on an advert. This is also sometimes known as ‘page-depth’.

Avg. Session Duration (seconds): How long, on average, visitors spent on your site after clicking on an advert.

Why Are These Results Important

These results are important because they should that our customer campaigns are: highly targeted at their audience, that the adverts and customer websites are engaging and relevant to their target audience, and that the campaigns are high quality.

What To Do Next?

Find out about some of the other results that we’ve produced for our customers, in terms of auction insights, account metrics, and conversions.

If you’re interested in looking at your own account, then read our guide on how to judge whether your Adwords account is of good quality. Alternatively, please contact us to undertake an audit of your account for you.

If you’re interested in our expert opinion of your Adwords account then please get in touch by sending us an e.mail, or give us a call, to find out more.