Web Analytics Consultants

Research reveals a large and significant difference in the success of companies which use web analytics to continuously improve their online presence and those that do not. Amongst the questions that analytics can help answer are:

  • How many people visited my website?
  • How did people find my site?
  • Which country are my visitors from?
  • Which device did they use to visit my website?

iStock_000016503756XSmall - CopyIndeed, there is almost no end to the data that analytics can give about a website. We use the most popular website data and reporting tool, Google Analytics, and each of our consultants possesses the Google Analytics Individual Certification.

We help companies correctly configure their website data, and manage it in a way so that it adds on-going value to the business. It is important that a business has access to the information that it needs, at the right time, so as to know how to distribute resources and focus.

What to Expect

Our consultancy commonly covers the following areas:

Setup and Reporting

  • Implementation: Set up your Google Analytics tracking code, including bespoke or custom implementation.
  • Integration: Integrate Google Analytics with other products, such as Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords.
  • Custom Reporting: Create any custom reports to provide the data your business needs, exactly when it needs it.
  • Track Significance: Track significant actions that visitors take on your website, such as downloading  a brochure or watching a video, with goal, conversion, and event tracking.
  • Evaluate Channels: Compare and evaluate different online marketing channels, so as to understand where to focus resources and investment.
  • Remarketing: Setup remarketing lists to target customers at different stages in the buying cycle.

Identify Problems

  • We can identify technical problems with you existing site, such as those caused by site speed and browser compatibility problems.

Spot Opportunities

  • Understand the content on your site that potential customers are most interested in.
  • Identify areas for continuous improvement

What to Do Next

If you are interested in our analytics consultancy then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.