Examples Of Good Adwords Conversions Metrics

Below are some good examples of conversion metrics that we have achieved for our customers. A conversion, or goal, is a valuable action that a potential customer takes on your website. For example, it can be defined as: a visit to a contact page, downloading a brochure or a whitepaper, a form filled in, a call from a mobile site, or a click on an e.mail address on a website.

Measuring conversions is important because it charts how much value an Adwords campaign is generating for a business. This can then be used to judge the value of Adwords to a business, and the bottom line return on investment.

Good Adwords conversion metricsIndustry: Property Development

Adwords conversion resultsIndustry: Hospitality

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How To Understand The Results

Each line in the chart is a campaign in our customer’s account, and lists the number of conversions generated by the campaign and the cost-per-conversion to the customer.

These results are important because they show that these campaigns are leading potential customers to take valuable actions on the company website (either by downloading a brochure, visiting a significant page, or directly contacting the business by form, e.mail, or phone). In short, these results show that these advertising campaigns are producing results for the businesses: they are generating leads that can be fed into the sales funnel.

A Brief Explanation Of Each Metric

Google defines these metrics as follows:

Conversions: “See how many times your ads led customers to an action that you’ve defined as valuable, such as sales or leads”.

Cost/ conv.: “Cost / conversion is your total cost divided by your conversions. Cost includes cost for interactions that can lead to a conversion, and conversions includes only those conversion actions that you’ve chosen to include”.

Conv. Rate: “Conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by total interactions (such as clicks for text ads or views for video ads) that can lead to conversions. This only includes conversion actions that you’ve chosen to include in ‘Conversions’”.

Why Are These Results Important?

These results are important because they should that our campaigns are not only tightly focused on their target audience, but that they are actually generating value and new business for our customer in the form of leads and sales.

On the basis of this we can go onto segment conversions into different types, as different conversions might have different values to a company (for example the sales resulting from calls to a business might be far higher than those that stem from downloads of the company brochure). The above results provide a basis for segmenting conversions, which can then give a better understanding of the efficiency of marketing channels and where budgets are most effectively spent to produce the best return on investment.

What To Do Next

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