Lean Digital Marketing



Is your company generating the most value, or profit, from its sales and marketing processes?

Lean marketing: applies the principles of lean philosophy: to sales and marketing. Lean is a process philosophy, commonly used in industries such as manufacturing and healthcare, aimed at eliminating waste and generating the most value in a process.

In sales and marketing, as in other areas of a business, we are concerned with a process, and with generating maximum value from finite and limited resources. Using lean ideas and principles in both forming marketing plans and undertaking campaigns can help ensure that we generate the most value, or profit, that we can.

Specifically, applying lean principles to marketing can help:

  • Identify new markets and opportunities
  • Measure the value of marketing channels
  • Drive new levels of customer engagement
  • Identify waste processes
  • Drive research and development

If you are interested in how your company might adopt a lean marketing approach then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.