Manufacturing Processes & Sales and Marketing

Manufacturers are good at managing, understanding, and controlling complicated production processes – after all, this in part determines whether the company is profitable. Companies commonly employ numerous metrics and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to manage the efficiency of their manufacturing processes.

iStock_000012151226SmallHowever, there are other processes, on which the success of a company equally well depends, that are often left unmanaged, misunderstood, and out of control. While manufacturers are typically good at controlling processes on the inside of the company, they are often very bad at applying the same level of rigour to the processes which extend outside: sales and marketing. This leads to a situation in which the company is lean on the inside and wasteful on the outside.

Modern digital marketing allows companies to apply the same level of control to the sales and marketing process. Analysing sales and marketing data can allow companies to devise metrics and KPI’s to understand, and continuously improve, the sales and marketing process.

When sales and marketing processes are understood and controlled then process improvements, such as the principles of lean philosophy, can be applied to them. The above leads to a more holistic and integrated approach, in which company processes can benefit from the insights of sales and marketing data, and vice versa.

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