Increase Manufacturing Sales

iStock_000007674837XSmall - CopyWe work with manufacturing companies to increase sales and generate business by means of the internet.

Notoriously, understanding and controlling factory processes is central to the success of manufacturing; and directly affects company profitability. (Generally, the better control of the process the more profit generated by the business). Improvements in digital technology now allow the same level of rigor to be applied to online marketing. Marketing on the internet is closer to a science than an art: a process that can be tested, measured, and subject to continuous improvement.

Specifically we help manufacturers:

  • Understand their sectors on-line
  • Reach their target customers effectively
  • Formulate meaningful K.P.I.’s (key performance indicators)
  • Generate actionable data and reporting
  • Implement continuous sustainable improvement plans

We are specialist digital marketing consultants, certified by Google as Google Adwords Certified Partners and Google Analytics Certified Individuals.

We help manufacturing companies understand their online customer acquisition and sales processes in the same ways they are used to understanding factory processes (as measurable, testable, and subject to improvement).

If you are interested in any of the above services send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.