Outsource PPC Management Services


For Companies & Marketing Managers

We offer an outsourced internet advertising service to companies and their marketing managers.

Why Outsource Paid Advertising?

In our experience, in today’s world, in-house Marketing Managers in SME’s and small businesses struggle with the different roles that they are expected to take on. There are simply too many different jobs to do when you factor in managing a combination of: print advertising, producing brochures and other marketing material, television and radio, e.mail marketing, social media, websites and online advertising.

When you add to this the speed at which the technology of digital marketing and internet advertising changes, it is simply not possible for managers to both specialise in certain products and platforms and do their day-to-day jobs effectively. The result is often that, in trying to keep up with a broad range of developments, the specific targeting of potentially valuable customers is missed.

If managers are constrained by time and resources, and cannot afford to hire an in-house expert, or afford to train a member of the team, one option is to outsource ppc services (such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads).

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing?

Having worked closely with Marketing Managers in different organisations, we have observed the following benefits to outsourcing:

Save Time: We have the tools and resources to gain market insight, devise effective strategies, and build campaigns based around them very quickly. By working with a specialist, you can move from market research to running campaigns much faster than you otherwise would be able to.

Save Money: All of the campaigns that we build are designed to as to manage budget and marketing spend as carefully as possible. We build features into campaigns so that they monitor their own success, work for your business, and produce a return on your investment in advertising.

Track Value: Before we begin a campaign, we ensure that all of the actions that you need to judge the success of online advertising are tracked and monitored. After all, if you can’t measure something then you can’t judge its value to your business. We make sure that all significant actions that potential customers might make are being recorded (such as: downloads, e.mails, phone calls, enquiries etc.).

Get Results: Pay per click will not work unless it is aligned with your overall business plan, and its aims. To work effectively, PPC has to be aligned with your website and other digital marketing objectives. All of the advertising that we manage on behalf of our customers has the aim of furthering their specific sales and marketing plans: be that through and increase in brand awareness, leads, or direct sales.

Report On What You Need: One of the problems marketing managers face is that there are just too many metrics to report on. We help marketing managers produce simple and meaningful reports that can be used to report on the process of digital marketing to company directors.

Why Work With Us?

Industry Experience: When you work with us you are working with industry specialists with seven years experience running internet marketing campaigns in different technical industries.
Google Partners: As Google Partners we have access to market research not available to the general public. We are also able to work with Google on the best strategies to adopt for customers, and have consultation on the setup and management of new Adwords accounts.

What To Do Next

If you are interested in our digital market research then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.