Search Engine Optimisation



Is my website generating the value, or profit, that it should? What else can the company do online to grow the business?

We provide our clients with SEO consultancy:, finding the best way to match a company’s products or services with what potential customers are looking for.

There was a time when websites were exclusively the domain of web ‘designers’, and if a site looked good then that was thought sufficient for it to do its job. However, building a website that works to generate the most value, or profit, requires a different set of skills.

Our consultancy covers:

  • The technical set up of a site
  • Structure and navigation
  • Site content and content marketing
  • How your site generates value, or business
  • How a site reports data
  • Other possible digital marketing channels

If you are interested in accessing how well your website is generating value for your company, and what might be done to improve it, then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.