Marketing for SouthWest Manufacturers

Laser cutting of metal sheet with sparksWe specialise in working with manufacturing companies in the South West (Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset) to generate business through the internet. We help businesses take advantage of the latest technology to gain new customers (local, national, or international); and to generate data that can be used for continuous improvement and development.

We can help your company understand:

  • Its position in the on-line market place
  • Gaps in the market, and business opportunities
  • How to generate leads and increase sales
  • Where sales and leads are coming from
  • Areas for continuous improvement


A Lean Approach

Manufacturers are good at controlling complicated processes, such as production and distribution. However there are other processes on which the success of a business equally well depends, such as sales and marketing, that are often left to chance.

Developments in technology now means that sales and marketing can now treated as processes subject to control and improvement – and so areas to which traditional improvement techniques and Lean thinking can be applied.

We help companies understand how to control their sales and marketing processes, and so how to subject them to continuous improvement.

If you are interested in our services then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.