What is a Website Audit?

  • Is my website delivering maximum value, and profit, to my business?
  • Is my website generating the best sales, leads, and enquiries that it can?
  • How should I change my website to make it better?

These are the questions typically asked by our customers, and the questions that our website audit answers. A website evaluation gives a benchmark of what is working on your website, and what areas need to be improved for the future.

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What to Expect?

The content of an audit can be directed by your own business needs and agenda. Issues commonly treated in an evaluation include:

  • Technical: Is your website technically correct, or are there any problems preventing it from appearing in the search engines?
  • Representation: Does your website reflect all of your businesses products and services? Are the most valuable (profitable) services of your business given adequate weight and representation by your website?
  • Targeting: Is your website set up to target your ideal potential customers? For example, does it serve the right geographical areas; it is serving content in the right languages?
  • Expectations: Does your website meet the expectations of your customer? Can they find the information that they need quickly and easily?
  • Metrics: Is your website reporting the most important and valuable data back to you, so that you are in a position to understand how it is working and make improvements going forward?
  • Competition: How does your website compare to your competitors, if there anything that you can learn from their strategies and marketing plans?
  • Opportunity: Are there any obvious gaps in the online market place that can be filled by your products or services?

What to do Next

If you are interested in commissioning an audit or your website then send us an e.mail, or call, to find out more.