White Label PPC Management Services


For Agencies & Developers

We offer a white label paid advertising service for marketing agencies, advertising agencies, and web designers and developers. This service is for developers or agencies that want to offer products such as Google Adwords advertising to their customers, but don’t have the capabilities to build and manage Adwords campaigns in-house.

Why Should Agencies Use White Label PPC Services?

For marketing and advertising agencies, aspiring to be a ‘full-service’ agency is a demanding task. The range of service offerings required by companies today is constantly expanding in both scope and depth. The modern agency is expected to manage any combination of PR, print media, company web sites, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, measurement and analytics, and internet advertising. To meet all of these needs in-house requires a huge amount of human resources with a broad range of expertise.

Using a white label ppc provider allows an agency to offer a full range of paid internet advertising services to customers.

Why Should Developers Use White Label PPC Services?

Web designers and developers are, in our experience, constantly asked by their customers how to make their website more effective in generating new leads and attracting new business. A natural extension of developing a website for a customer, for a developer, is therefore to cross-sell search engine optimisation or internet advertising services.

What Are The Benefits Of A White Label Service?

Save Money: By using a white label service agencies and developers can save on the cost of hiring an in-house expert to provide those services to customers for them.

Save Time: Save not only the money required to pay and invest in a new member of staff, but the time it takes to train and manage them.

Strengthen Customer Relationships: Small providers who only offer a few services are vulnerable to replacement by larger agencies with a wider range of services. The more services that you can offer your customer the more entrenched you are in their organisation, and so less dispensable.

Increase Revenue: An agency typically charge our services on to their customers at a margin, thus increasing their revenue and profits.

Why Work With Us?

Expertise & Experience: In working with a specialist agency providing a white label service you are getting the benefits of working with specialists with a wide industry experience.

Ongoing Management & Optimisation: By managing advertising accounts for your customer on an on-going basis we are able to constantly improve the account by testing new ideas, and refining and improving it. This means that our customers often have the best performing advertising accounts in their industry niches.
Google Partners: As Google Partners we have access to market research not available to the general public. We are also able to work with Google on the best strategies to adopt for customers, and have consultation on the setup and management of new Adwords accounts.

What To Do Next

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