PPC Experts and Consultants



Specialists In Strategy, Implementation & Management of Pay Per Click

We are PPC experts and consultants, helping clients manage effective and profitable PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns. We are Google Adwords Partners and have extensive experience of running advertising campaigns in different industries, countries, and languages.

Where We Begin
Pay Per Click advertising can have a profound effect on the growth and profitability of a company.

The success of PPC is closely related to many other factors, such as the functionality of the company website; and the marketing strategy and goals of the business more generally. To access the value of PPC to a business, we take time to get to know your business, its potential customers, and marketing strategy; so as to understand the role that PPC might play within the overall context of your business and its goals.

How do I know if PPC is right for my business?  PPC does not work for all businesses. The best way to access whether PPC is right for your business is to run an experimental campaign and assess the results. We can advise on the best way to set up an experimental campaign, how long to run it for, and how to access the results.

Evaluation and Assessment
How do I measure the value, or profit, generated by my PPC campaigns? By understanding PPC within the context of a business and its objectives, we can put measures in place to assess its ongoing value. We can produce customer reports, including custom Google Analytics reports, to help you assess the value of PPC to your business.

Continuous Improvement
In order for internet advertising to generate the most value for a business, it must be continually worked upon and improved. We help provide companies with the tools required to recognise when their accounts are performing well and, more importantly, which parts of their accounts need the most attention.

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